Less is more, or true elegance is not always expensive.

We like beautiful things, and we also care for our costumers to live in a beautiful environment. Therefore, this season, we will focus on beautiful, elegant design curtains that everyone can afford.

What do we offer:

– Selection from a wide permanent collection of fabrics:

o   The most popular shades and textures based in our experience

o Decorative, partially or fully blackout materials according to your needs

o   Large fabric widths, which are economically beneficial when sewing curtains

– Curtains are sewn exactly in the size you want, measure to measure made:

o   The possibility to choose from different curtain ties

o  Lead tape or flap at the bottom of the curtain according to your wishes and technical possibilities

o   No additional steps with shortening or combining curtains as happens if you buy ready-made curtains in standard sizes.

– Affordable price:

o  Of course, the price will depend on the chosen fabric and the size of the window, but knowing your budget you will definitely be able to find an elegant solution. For example, for a 2.80 m high and 2 m wide window, the day curtain will cost from 79 eur, the decorative or night curtain, from 129 eur .

o Unlike ready-made standard curtains, for this price you will not receive a 2 m wide, straight piece of curtain, but a 2 m ready-made, beautifully pleated curtain, which means that it will be made not from a 2 m, but a 3 m wide piece of fabric.

Welcome spring with new curtains!

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