• An external system for effective protection against sun and heat. Veranda awnings are intended for the decoration of large surfaces, roof sections, conservatories, patios and summer cafes.
  • It has been proven a long time ago that conditioners, tinted windows, and indoor blinds cannot fully protect the indoor from sunlight. The most effective way, however, is to create a shadow from the outside. This is the main point of the system – only the veranda awning will heat in the sun, but it will not allow heat the room – it is provided by a gap between the awning material and the window.
  • Controlled by motor only, it can be automated with a remote control, solar and heat sensor.
  • This type of awnings offers a wide range of polyester and acrylic fabrics in both – monochrome and striped combinations.
  • Sizes of veranda awnings depends on the chosen model, more information you can find here:

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