All Alandeko developed products: curtains, blinds, awnings are given a 2-year warranty.

We offer blinds, curtains and awnings installation, warranty and post warranty repair and correction, as well as awnings dismantling and storage during the winter.

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After purchasing of Alandeko produced goods, the customer will also receive assembling and handling instruction of product, which is also the product warranty card. Each product has a specific handling conditions (they are listed in the instructions for use). The warranty period is 24 months from the time of manufacture (date of manufacture is shown in the instructions for use). The warranty applies only to the fully paid goods.

Repair applications shall be admissible in any Alandeko shop, as well as in the office.


In order to avoid unpleasant situations and unnecessary repairs, we recommend you pay special attention to the instructions, even when you have used our services masters installing blinds or curtains.