Roman blinds – a luxurious and practical accent in the interior.

Roman blinds or Roman curtains are a decorative and functional design element in the interior, creating a sense of coziness, giving the room elegance and a romantic mood. When choosing a Roman blind for window design, it is necessary to follow your own feelings – what color fabrics, shapes, and textures like. We will help you to choose the most suitable fabric for Roman blinds so that your room gets a whole new look and mood! 

Types of Roman blinds – choose the right one for your requirements!

Give your room a luxury and sophistication with one of our high-quality Roman blinds:

  • Blinds with ribs – with rigid, fixed-shaped folds at full height;
  • Blinds without ribs – with openings at full height;
  • Austrian blinds – with luxurious folds in the lower part and a smooth upper part;
  • French shutters – with luxurious, full-groove folds at full height.

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