The sun breakers are visually similar to the outdoor horizontal blinds, only sun breakers are stationary and construction is heavier. It helps to significantly reduce the cost of conditioning, reflect up to 80% of the heat generated by the sun and allow you to achieve the desired natural light and air temperature in the room, while also serving as a design element.

  • Sun-breaking structures consist of a frame and an ellipsoidal aluminum wings.
  • The system is easy to adapt to any construction – private house, office, sports center, hotel etc.
  • Elipsoid wings are made of thermally colored aluminum plates. Solar breakers are available in a wide range of colors of the RAL scale.
  • Sun breakers can be easily installed on the brackets. Highly durable, lightweight metal alloy ensures durability and high wind resistance (up to 120 km/h).
  • The wings can be either stationary or adjustable at an angle operated by an electric motor or a remote control. Time, solar and wind automatics.
  • The different wing sizes guarantee the suitability of the blind to cover any square surface, so the blinds are unlimited.

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