We have experience!

We produce here in Latvia, and we do it for a long time, so we know the best parts and fabrics. And we know how to combine it with a quality and durable product. You can be sure about its quality!

The best solution for blinds or curtains!

Because our experience in this field is more than 20 years, we have seen a lot of customers and managed to solve even initially unbelievable tasks. The design of the window is not only an interior decoration. It sometimes performs even very complex functions.


At least 2 year warranty


Warranty to all produced curtains, blinds, awnings


Warranty to all SOMFY blind and awning systems


More than 100 000 happy customers in last 7 years.


The best customer service!

Our service team is not only able to work quickly and efficiently on the site, but also understand that your premises should be cleaned after installation or repair of the blinds. Our designers are not only aware of the technical characteristics of the products, the colors and composition laws, but also are aware of the latest window design trends, as they are inspired by current industry exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Our project managers know how to work with large, complicated and strictly timed objects, since working with corporate customers, working with architects and builders is their everyday life.


We are able to answer all your questions!

We have been working since 1991, and have survived all economic crises. It shows the stability of the company. We will be in the same after several years, so you can be sure that even after the warranty period, we will be able to help you repair, move, enhance your blinds or curtains. For your convenience, a reliable service will always be available!