Markilux awnings for terrace – filled with new ideas and technologies.

  • Extensive choices of design from colorful funky to sophisticated classics. It will satisfy and desires. Three different style lines – club, studio, lounge – are designed in accordance with the prevailing trends in building architecture.
  • All cassettes have a special nano-coating. It means that the dirt on it does not adhere to the awning and simply wash off with rainwater.
  • Only SNC fabric is used for this type of awnings. It is high-tech fiber made from state-of-the-art technology which is especially resistant to moisture and fading. The “nano-clean” coating of the fabric means that the dirt does not adhere to the awning’s fabric and simply rinse off with rainwater. 
  • Operated motorized – with a remote control, solar and thermal sensor or a timer.
  • The maximum width of the awning can be up to 7.00 m, but the span up to 4.00 m.

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